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Effective Landscapes

In consultation, I engage both the client and landscape to brainstorm design solutions to existing problems. 


I begin with an interactive remote assessment to understand goals, opportunities and constraints then outline multiple pathways to abundance.


​Experienced in many climates, I specialize in Homestead development, Drip irrigation, Edible and medicinal landscapes, Horticulture, Water harvesting,  Erosion control, Topsoil generation, Weed management plans, Agroforesty planning and Crop diversification.

Park Farm concept plan v4.6 06142020.jpg

Using an evolving toolkit for Watershed Regeneration I strive to rehydrate landscapes and livelihoods. Specializing in:

Urban and Rural Homesteads

Small Farms &

Watershed Restoration


My design approach begins with a conceptual pattern of land use for a site based on the integration of client goals and landscape potential. I then generate details and materials lists incrementally on a project by project basis. This allows the site and client to generate feedback based on the results of implementation. We use this feedback to guide the next steps in design and application.

​I offer Hands-on Training and Multimedia presentations to expand the application of Regenerative Land Stewardship.

Multi-day Training        Short Presentations


Workshops     Conferences

Schools      Non-Profits      Community Groups


I empower attendees with tools they can apply from home to watershed scale.

For Farmers and Farm design, you're likely in need of economic modeling and detailed cost-benefit analyses. I can work with you on site layouts and system design and management, but I do not provide economic modeling, enterprise budget creation or cost-benefit analysis for production systems.
For these types of services, specific to Regenerative Agriculture, I recommend either

Regrarians® or Propagate Ag

Regrarians® offers 'The Most Affordable & Comprehensive Online Farm Planning Package' on the planet, The REX®. Led by Darren J. Doherty, this 'Guided DIY farm planning program runs twice per year and is included in a Planner membership to the 'Regrarians® Workplace' & Professionals. Becuase you get continual access to the program, Regrarians® consulting services, and the Regrarians® Workplace on an annual basis, this program facilitates incremental, stepwise, and well thought out farm design and management changes to improve your landscape and livelihood. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Full disclosure, I am a Regrarians® Affiliate and receive a commission for any referrals. Please mention me if you sign up for the REX® and Planner membership

Propagate Ag is a premier Regenerative Agroforesty Design and Implementation company. Their operations currently focus in the USA. If you are a farmer looking to integrate Profitable Agroforestry into your operation, I highly recommend Propagate Ag. Check out their website to learn more about their diverse offerings.


Steppe One Farm and Nursery operations are integrated into my family's 1.3 acre Permaculture homestead.  All our practices work to cultivate a thriving living soil and biodiverse ecosystem on the site.  The compost, fertilizers and soil mix components we use are OMRI certified.  We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. 

We specialize in culinary and medicinal herbs, both fresh and dried, and also have seasonally available produce and cut flowers.

In the Nursery, I grow primarily edible, medicinal and native perennials with some annual fruits and vegetables in the spring and early summer. My focus is on useful plants that do well in the high desert climate of Reno, Nevada. Most of the plants available in the nursery are also grown on-site in the ground to test and prove their hardiness here.

Our specific availability list is always changing. Please subscribe my newsletter for periodic updates and sales info. 

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"Neil's consultation exceeded the (already high) expectations I had. Our few hours together, and his follow-up reports and maps, taught me permaculture lessons that will last a lifetime. Neil's expert input during the design phase of my permaculture property saved countless hours (month? years?) of work down the road. And gave me a plan that I am stoked (and confident) to be implementing."

-Garrett M., Reno, NV

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