Historically I have taught and facilitated courses focused on Permaculture, Regenerative Design, Watershed Restoration, Plant Propagation, Keyline Design, and Erosion Control.  Everything from residential 14 day courses to 3 day workshops to seasonal in person courses to 1-2 hour hands on activities.  

For over 5 years, I have been on the Permaculture Design Certificate Course teaching team at Oregon State University (OSU).  I am also on the OSU Advanced Design for Climate Resilience teaching team and recently added to the OSU Water Management teaching team. 

Current Offerings


Do you want to extend your harvest season and diversify your uses of home grown or gleaned produce through food preservation?  If so, these online workshops are for you. Building on top of Marisha's renowned Grow Your Own Produce workshop series and co-taught by myself and Marisha Auerbach, the Skill Builder Series goes deeper into the topics of winter gardening, season extension and food preservation.

This year we are offering 3 sessions, which occur just prior to the season when you'll be actively applying the information. There is 1 session left in 2022.The next Session is Food Preservation pt 2: Fall Abundance. We will cover a variety of ways to preserve and store your summer crops for sharing and eating through the fall and winter months.


August 25:  Food Preservation - Part 2 - Fall Abundance

Thursday August 25: 6-8p pst

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Course Description

It’s time to store that summer sunshine for nourishment in the winter.  There are many ways to preserve the harvest.  Marisha and Neil bring over a decade of experience to help participants learn about the various options to preserve food for the winter including canning and fermentation.  Learn about the various ways to store food for the winter and what is the most optimal method for the crops you have in abundance. This workshop will  highlight equipment, tips of the trade, and storage.  Handouts will be provided for reference as you try this at home. 

Previous Sessions: you can register in Food Preservation pt. 2 for all 3 workshops to get the recordings and handouts for all of them at a 10% discount.

May 26:  Food Preservation - Part 1 - Spring and Summer - Leafies, herbs, and berries 

Thursday May 26th 6p-8p pst

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Course Description

Abundance from early season crops begins by late May.  The yields of this time tend to be leaves, herbs, and berries.  Join us for this workshop to discuss many of the different ways to preserve the harvest including freezing, drying, fermentation, infusions, and syrups.  Preparations will include  different types of pesto, various ways to use herbs for the most nourishing teas and concoctions, and sauerkraut & kim-chi. Marisha and Neil bring over a decade of experience to highlight equipment, tips of the trade, and storage.  Handouts will be provided for reference as you try this at home. 

July 28:  Winter Gardening - Season Extension

Thursday July 28: 6-8p pst

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Course Description

Grow fresh veggies and produce year round!  Learn the science, art, and joy of winter gardening. Join Marisha and Neil in this workshop, where we present a practical approach to winter gardening based on our experience in both a cold, sunny high desert climate and the cool, cloudy Pacific Northwest. You’ll learn how to 1) select appropriate crops and integrate fall planting into your summer garden, 2) plan and locate your winter garden to get the most out of season extension technologies, 3) plant, manage, and harvest from your winter gardens, 4) select and implement a wide range of season extension technologies with various costs and benefits, and 5) build in added resilience against weather extremes.

An pre-recorded online introduction and primer to the shovel ready practices of Low Tech Erosion Control

Alongside Jeffrey Adams ( and Javan K. Bernakevitch, I have created a Self Paced online course on Low Tech Erosion Control.

This self paced course is available for you to enroll and watch anytime at your leisure.

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